About Us

OLD VINTAGE BIKE is an online boutique creating handmade clothing and homewares for special little Misters and Misses. The home of exquisite apparel tailored to bring love, joy and happiness to the tender beginnings of our juniors.

Inspired by old vintage and retro classics, each piece of clothing is designed and stitched in-house from the highest quality fabrics in ‘The Studio’. Every item tells the story of a whimsical childhood, and every mini minor has the opportunity to dress up in beautiful enchanting designs to match their individual character.

At OLD VINTAGE BIKE we like to add the extra magical touch to the little vintage girls skirt or top with lace, velvet ribbons, doilies and bows and the retro look to our boys shirts with contrast collars and cuffs.

‘The Studio’ is quite often found in a delightful state of mess, but each creation is joyfully produced with devoted attention to detail and TLC.MB_02060_Bicycle_Transp

OLD VINTAGE BIKE opened its’ doors in December 2012 and thanks to all our faithful customers we continue to grow and expand our range continuously.